Cryotherapy - Thermotherapy

Cryotherapy - Thermotherapy: Buy cryotherapy and thermotherapy devices, equipment and supplies : Hot and cold pads, hydrocollator

Ice spray 200 ml
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Synthetic ice spray is good for athletes in case of bruises, strains or nasty falls. Ideal for all situations in which a cold treatment is required.
Cold gel EB09.007
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Reusable cold gel by Elite Bags, with 15 x 9.5 cm dimensions, suitable for cryotherapy application anywhere and anytime.
Hyperice ICT Back cold pad
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Hyperice ICT Back cold pad, made of Premium Plush™ neoprene membrane, with an air release valve, ideal for quick pain relief and stiff muscles comfort.
Hyperice ICT shoulder cold pad
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Hyperice ICT shoulder cold pad for hands-free pain relief, made of a special neoprene membrane, ideal for recovery, and available in left and in right sizes.