Zamst Ice Bag

Zamst Ice Bag
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Ice bag for easy application of cold therapy to all joints

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Ice bag is the essential tool for swift first aid and cool-down after exercise.
3 sizes available small, medium and large.

The use of cold therapy (therapeutic application of cold obtained by various means, such as ice, cold water, wet cloth, nitrogen or CO2) is very widespread in sports traumatology.
Indeed, the effects of cold temperatures have been known since ancient times. Hippocrates (460-370 BC) had already pointed to the use of ice and snow to reduce pain and swelling.

Size of Ice Bag
Small: 15 cm
Medium: 23 cm
Large: 26 cm

Reduced swelling:
  • The cold causes blood vessels to contract which reduces the blood flow.
Reduced infl ammation:
  • Limiting the activity of tissue around the original injury helps prevent a secondary injury.
Pain relief:
  • Numbing the affected area helps alleviate pain.
Alleviation of fatigue:
  • The blood vessels temporarily contract. The elimination of lactic acid is accelerated.
Quick resumption of physical activity:
  • Temporarily desensitizes the affected area.
  • Facilitates the completion of rehabilitation exercises.
Cold therapy, or icing, is an important step in the R.I.C.E. protocol Injuries come with symptoms of infl ammation such as pain and swelling. If the injury goes untreated, the damage may worsen, which could delay recovery.

Cold therapy prevents the injury from spreading while reducing pain and swelling. It also promotes a swift recovery.
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