High quality, guaranteed and well-known products for personal healthcare, beuaty care and fitness are available at the most competitive prices: Blood pressure monitors for home use, Thermometers, Massage devices, Anatomic Pillows, Sitting Pillows, etc.

Romet R200 larynx
Ships in 1-3 days
Easy to use larynx by Romet with external adjustable wheels for ease in adjusting pitch and volume for a more natural sounding voice.
Romet R355CP larynx
Ships in 1-3 days
Durable and easy to use larynx by Romet, with permanently installed high powered lithium battery; no need to ever buy another battery.
Sissel Palea pillow
Ships in 4-10 days
Ecological Sissel Palea pillow suitable for maintaining the spine in ideal alignment during sleep. It automatically adjusts the humidity and heat.