SISSEL hot-cold pearl facial mask

SISSEL hot-cold pearl facial mask
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SISSEL hot-cold pearl facial mask that relieves any swelling, inflammation and headaches.

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SISSEL hot-cold pearl facial mask is the ideal choice for relieving the face from the forehead to the cheeks and chin, since it helps with any swelling, inflammation or headaches. The SISSEL face mask has a special gel in the form of small beads of high heat capacity so that it can retain its beneficial effect for a longer time before it needs to be cooled or heated again. The SISSEL hot-cold face pad is made of durable high-conductivity PVC to deliver or absorb heat at a faster rate.

Instructions for use:

  • For cryotherapy, freeze the Sissel patch for at least 2 hours at -18 degrees
  • For heat, therapy place the Sissel pad in the microwave at 700 Watt for 45 seconds or 1000 Watt for 35 seconds 

Dimensions: 68 x 21cm

0.02 kg

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