Vision & Core Values

HaMed - Halambalakis, as it has been active for 40 years in the field of medical equipment, constantly strives to focus on the best customer service, and always puts it as a priority. The company's vision is to offer to customers products and services in the best possible way, at the most competitive prices in the market, and to contribute to society, in any means. follows a set of values, which are embraced by all employees, and are applied daily, regardless of the position in which they are employed.


All the products that are offered are certified with ISO 9001:2015 certification by Lloyd’s, one of the largest certification bodies in the world, and consistently comply with the regulations set by Ministerial Decision ΔΥ8δ / 1348 for the safe distribution of medical devices. is certified by Lloyd’s since 1999, as the quality is closely linked to every aspect of its work.


Human health causes to the company a special sense of responsibility, both towards its customers and partners. Although it is not possible to completely avoid mistakes from work, employees are constantly trying to limit them as much as possible. Also with their constant presence, both online and with physical stores, in the field of health and medical equipment, the company tries to be by the side of the customer as much as possible, ready to recognize and correct any mistakes and answer every question.


HaMed - Halambalakis with constantly strive to contribute to the protection of the environment and society in general, through actions, donations, collaborations & conferences.

The company has a responsibility to everyone, in order to create the maximum value for the customer, to support and help where necessary.

RELIABILITY, as active in the field of medical equipment for several years, is a trusted online store, which cooperates with experienced and reliable suppliers & provides only certified products.


Its goal is the continuous development and improvement of the services provided and the continuous cooperation for immediate service, of high standards. Honesty is the cornerstone of its business, as takes care to be consistent with the customer, and is always by their side with absolute ethics and respect.


There are no discounts or compromises on health issues. For this reason, has as its primary goal the immediate and optimal satisfaction of the customer, covering as best as possible its needs. In cases that customers are not satisfied with the services provided, the company is available for further help and support.

HaMed - Halambalakis and provide services that apply to the requirements, needs, and specifications of their customers, in order to satisfy as much as they can the customers' needs.


HaMed - Halambalakis and provide all the information to each employee about their specific responsibilities regarding the quality but also with their participation in the preparation, implementation, and evaluation of activities related to it.

Employees are constantly trained in order to have the ability to know and to understand the needs of customers, as best as possible and work completely collaboratively, exchanging ideas, and trying to understand each other.


It is now a basic precondition for a company to be able to come up with new ideas, to communicate them with employees and customers, and to be able to respond to market trends directly, quickly & better than the competition.

Through brainstorming and discussion, employees of HaMed - Halambalakis and try to find new ideas, on issues related to new products, new services, improvements to existing ones, through market analysis & customer buying behavior.