Medical devices

Medical devices: Ultrasound, ECG, Spirometer, Defibrillator, Monitor, Doppler, Aspirators, Holters, CTG, Sterilizers, Centrifuges, Audiometer, Capnography, Electrosurgery

InBody Tissue
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InBody Tissues are electrolyte tissues designed to enhance the electrical conductivity between your hands/feet with the hand and foot electrodes.
AED sign wall sticker
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AED sign wall sticker with size 20x15cm that shows the internationally recognized brand that indicates that there is an Automatic External Defibrillator around.
beurer PO35 pulse oximeter
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Beurer finger pulse oximeter PO35 with modern design, suitable for use in sports, high altitudes or from people that suffer from heart failure, COPD, bronchial asthma etc.