Nexcare ColdHot spray 150ml

Nexcare ColdHot spray 150ml
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Nexcare ColdHot spray by 3M that acts immediately and cools severe muscle injuries, bruises, fractures or sprains to relieve pain, suitable for athletes and active people

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Nexcare ColdHot spray 150ml by 3M acts immediately by cooling the wound area and quickly soothes the pain. You can relieve with an immediate cold the pain from small injuries, bruises, distortions, injuries, sprains, fractures, headaches and insect bites.

Nexcare ColdHot spray is useful for sportspeople, coaches and generally anyone who is constantly on the move.

Thanks to its small size (150ml), Nexcare ColdHot spray is ideal for use by travelers as well.

Finally, you should apply Nexcare cooling spray from a distance of about 20 cm to avoid the possibility of burns.

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