Defibrillators (external) are medical devices that are very simple to use and are designed to potentially save a person's life in the event of cardiac arrest.

Defibrillators are indispensable in any public place, hospitals, gyms, hotels, airports, or sports facilities and can be used by non-qualified personnel since their operation is automatic. With the correct use of a defibrillator, rapid, effective treatment for cardiac arrest is provided, which is why they are valuable life-saving devices.

They perform automatic cardiogram diagnosis, arrhythmia diagnosis and have audio-visual instructions and in Greek to guide users throughout cardiac resuscitation. Most of them have additional features such as the possibility of recording the ambient sounds and the entire rescue history. Defibrillation data is stored within the device and, depending on the defibrillator model can be transferred to a PC either via memory card or via cable to the PC.

Each device comes with long-life batteries for immediate use without the need for charging as well as self-adhesive electrodes ready for use. The external defibrillators you will find at are fully compliant with the newest AHA/ERC guidelines, are easily and immediately upgradable in case the guidelines are updated, and are compatible with IP55/IP56 protocols for high resistance to humidity and temperature levels. 

Monitor or manual defibrillators are used exclusively by medical personnel. The energy delivered (Joules) is manually adjusted by the user while offering continuous monitoring of the patient in the form of a monitor (electrocardiogram, oximetry, blood pressure, etc.). Optionally they can also have an external pacemaker.

Before making your purchase, make sure you choose the right type of defibrillator to meet your need. Defibrillators are divided into monitor defibrillators, automatic external defibrillators, and training defibrillators. Most models of automatic external defibrillators are delivered ready to use with battery, carrying bag and adult defibrillator electrodes, and optionally pediatric electrodes or electrodes suitable for all ages can be added.

In our online store, you can find automatic or semi-automatic AED defibrillators, monitor defibrillators, and educational defibrillators from the world's leading manufacturers such as ZOLL, Metrax, Nihon Kohden, AMI Italia, LIFEPAK, etc. In addition, you can buy defibrillator pads, defibrillator batteries, and defibrillator cabinets for internal and external use.

AED sign wall sticker
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AED sign wall sticker with size 20x15cm that shows the internationally recognized brand that indicates that there is an Automatic External Defibrillator around.