AED 7000 automatic portable defibrillator

AED 7000 automatic portable defibrillator
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AED 7000 automatic defibrillator, with Greek language, 3 stages of defibrillation, analysis of the heart rhythm and provision of instructions to the user in case of need.

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AED 7000 automatic defibrillator is a portable defibrillator that is easy to use, without the need for specific training. It recognizes cases of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia, and guides the operator, thus offering defibrillation to incidents prior to the arrival of qualified first aid professional staff.

AED 7000 Portable Defibrillator gets connected to a non-breathing patient, analyzes the heart rate and if it detects the need for defibrillation, it provides audio and visual guidance, guiding the user on how to manage the defibrillation.

AED 7000 automatic defibrillator has 3 stages of defibrillation and a protective lock of unintentional defibrillation, while it allows the review of previous incidents using a computer. It has a two-phase cut-off exponential output waveform, with energy sequence 150, 150, 200J and resistance range 20Ω. The visual instructions of the defibrillator are displayed on an LED screen and its audio consists of 22 audio messages.

AED 7000 portable automatic defibrillator is easy to operate using only 2 buttons (on/off, shock) with a maximum output voltage of 1200 ±50V. It is lightweight offering easy transport and has dimensions of 303x219x89mm.


  • Output Waveform: Biphasic energy output
  • Output energy sequence: 150, 150, 200J
  • Resistance range: 20Ω to 20Ω
  • Charging time: 8 sec to 150J / 10 sec to 200J (new battery)
  • Analysis time: 9 sec
  • Audio instructions: 22 audio messages
  • Visual instructions: LED
  • Three-step defibrillation process
  • Two-button operation: on / off, shock
  • Maximum output voltage: 1200 ± 50V
  • Output energy accuracy: ± 15% on each resistor from 25 to 175Ω
  • Protective unintentional defibrillation lock
  • Dimensions: 303x219x89mm
  • Device has an internal memory (60 hours) 
  • Supports Greek language
  • Battery life 4 years
  • Defibrillator life 5 years

The package contains:

  • Spare defibrillator electrodes for adults
  • Defibrillator LiMnO2 battery (battery life of at least 5 years)
  • Carrying Bag
2 kg