HeartSave AED-M Defibrillator

HeartSave AED-M Defibrillator
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Semi-automatic biphasic external defibriilator with LCD screen and VF/VT analysis!

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The convincing feature of the new PRIMEDIC HeartSave is its easy, safe and speedy operation. With the new biphasic "Current Controlled Defibrillation" pulse, we are setting new standards in defibrillation technology.

The device performs an automatic ECG analysis within 12 seconds and decides whether a defibrillation is necessary.

Then a touch of a button is enough to trigger the life-saving electric pulse that eliminates the ventricular fibrillation.

Thus valuable seconds and minutes are used to save life.

Automatic external defibrillator incl. monitor for indication of operation duration, ECG, heart rate, identified VF/VT as well as triggered defibrillations.
Main features:

It has an one-button operation, intuitive and easily handling, status indicator, can be operated from mains, battery and accumulators and no energy selection required. The charging time is < 10 sec., 3-shock cycle < 60 sec. and a savecard, at least 60 minutes, for internal ECG.

The voice recording features a regular self-test, dim. approx. at 26x26x8,5 cm, weights approx. at 2 kg and it is made in Germany.
Technical Data 

The Wave is biphasic, current controlled pulse, has energy at 140-360 j, charging time at < 12 sec an asynchronous operating modes.

The ECG has II leads, a 20-200 Ohm patient's impedance range, heart rate at 30-300 per min.

Also has a VF:VT detection:  VF/VT detection, analysis time at 6-12 sec, VF threshold 0,2 mV, asystole threshold <0,2mV and artefact-pacemaker detection.

The LCD monitor is 95 x 72 mm (diagonal 4.7"/120 mm), 320 x 240 (pixel size 0,36 x 0,36 mm), has a storage battery status display and 25 mm/s speed, heart rate and contains a number of defibrillation, number of VF/VT, total resuscitation time.
The electrodes are non polarized with 2 years storage. The cable length is 1,5 m.
Data backup:
Has an internal memory 8 MB backup, a removable memory at 32-128 MB and voice recording.
Power supply:

It is rechargeable (power pack 90-260 V, 50/60 Hz) and the battery is rechargeable,too. The type is the NiCd.

With discharges at 56, monitoring at 5 h and voltage at 10,6 V.

30 cm
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30 cm
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Data sheet
2 kg
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