Ami Italia Geo Saver Auto outdoors defibrillator

Ami Italia Geo Saver Auto outdoors defibrillator
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AMI Geo Saver Fully Automatic AED is designed for public access use & licensed to administer fast and safe rescues, featuring a large LCD screen & visual and voice CPR instructions

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AMI Geo Saver fully automatic AED is specially designed for outdoor public use and is licensed to administer fast and safe rescues, even without minimal training. As a main feature the AMI Geo Saver fully automatic AED , administrates a shock, when appropriate, without the press of a button from the rescuer but fully automatically.

AMI Geo Saver fully automatic AED carries out defibrillation energy up to 200J, based on an adaptive BTE (biphasic truncated exponential) waveform, conforming to patient chest's impedance. The automatic shocks the AED are suitable for adult & pediatric patients. AMI Geo Saver fully automatic AED features a 5.7'' screen that indicates everything the rescuer needs to know, from specific instructions of the CPR procedure (battery status, connect pads to patient, do not touch or touch the patient etc.), to information about the defibrillators functionality through the LED indicator or audible voice instructions.

AMI Geo Saver fully automatic AED automatically performs testing to check the functionality of the battery, the circuit and the defibrillation system, making it maintenance free. Everything that is not 100% functional is being displayed on the screen, informing the user if it is ready for a rescue. The testing data are stored by the device as text file and are easy to be exported..

AMI Geo Saver fully automatic AED provides CPR coaching through an instructive voice and text prompts, guiding the user throughout the rescue and based on the built in metronome, the rescuer is provided with chest compression frequency and number guidance. ECG graphics can be seen on the screen, can be saved or printed for more information on the patient.

Adult and paediatric ECG pads are included.


  • Fully automatic
  • Administrates an automatic shock when needed
  • Self tests that ensure its functionality
  • LCD 5.7'' screen that indicates everything the user needs to know from functional info to directions to a CPR
  • ECG graphics available
  • Up to 6 continuous hours of ECG storage
  • Save, print or send ECG
  • CPR voice instructions
  • Built in metronome for chest compressions
  • Adult and paediatric power
  • Defibrillation energy: Standard max 200J
  • Types of battery: Li-SOCl2 Disposable, code SAV-C1032 with 2 years of life or 300 complete rescue cycles autonomy
  • Recharging time: 2,5 hours
  • Weight: 2,65kg
  • Size: 29,5 x 23 x 11,5 cm

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