List of EDAN products

The company has five product categories, namely Obstetric & Gynecology Products, Patient Monitoring Products, Diagnostic Electrocardiographs, Ultrasonic Imaging Systems and In-vitro Diagnostic Products. EDAN, owning over 80 types of products, has become a leading medical equipment supplier which maintains sustainable growth worldwide.

EDAN SE-3 Colour ECG
In stock
EDAN SE-3 Colour is a high-tech 3 channel electrocardiograph featuring a 192×64 pixels LCD screen capable of displaying 12 waveforms simultaneously.
SE-2012 ECG holter
Upon order
12-channel holter rhythm recorder SE-2012 manufactured by Edan Instruments, suitable for recording and display electrocardiographs.
Edan F2 Fetal Monitor
Upon order
EDAN F2 is a modern fetal monitor with foldable 5.6" screen and 60 hour memory for seamless monitoring, offering the most cost effective CTG solution.