EDAN PADECG cardiograph
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EDAN PADECG ECG provides a mobile solution. With its data transmission capability, this wireless 12-channel ECG system is perfect for home visit and ward round

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EDAN PADECG ECG, this wireless 12-channel ECG system consists of a professional ECG software and a wireless ECG acquisition module. It provides a mobile solution to meet the demands of caregivers in a mobile treatment environment. With PADECG, you can easily initiate a professional ECG sampling without bothering with bulky machines.

Both the pre-sample mode and real-time sample mode are offered in EDAN PADECG ECG. Pre-sample mode helps you save time during sampling and allows you to have a better control over waveform quality. Real-time sample mode offers a much longer sampling time from 10-180s, fulfilling your special need in detecting heart conditions.

To be more eco-friendly, EDAN PADECG ECG supports a paperless workflow. Data collected by PADECG can be either saved in the device or transferred to Smart ECG Viewer for management through Wifi or 3G. This also saves you a lot of money for printing. For those who has a need to print, we provide a handy wifi printing function in the software.

As a leading Chinese ECG manufacturer, EDAN provides its leading interpretation algorithm SEMIP, which gives accurate diagnosis results and offers doctors a reliable reference. The algorithm is tested by CSE database, and with AHA's and MIT's database standard.

EDAN PADECG ECG is such a fantastic mobile solution that you can hardly realize the size and weight of it on the go. With its data transmission capability, PADECG is perfect for home visit and ward round. It provides 2 gorgeous display styles for you to choose.

EDAN PADECG ECG supports as many as 6 file formats, namely DICOM, SCP, FDA-XML, PDF, JPG and BMP, other than Edan's proprietary format. Reports in these formats can either be sent out through e-mail, or transmitted through FTP.

A full set of filters are provided, which have same anti-noise performance as traditional standalone ECG machines.
AC filter
EMG filter
Low pass filter
DFT filter (with 0.67Hz as a patented technology)

Components EDAN PADECG ECG is composed of:

An APK installation file (Customers should purchase the tablet by themselves)
Sampling device (ECG cable: Banana connector as standard, and snap style as option)
Other accessories including carry bag, electrodes, etc.

Suggested Tablet Tech Specs

Screen size: 7 inches
Display: 1024 x 600 (WSVGA) Resolution
Camera: With auto-focus
Battery: 4000 mAh
OS: Android 4.0 OS
Memory: 16GB + 1GB RAM
Chipset: 1.2GHz Dual Core
Wi-fi: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes

Recommended model: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Samsung Galaxy TabPRO

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