The most popular ECG systems, from worldwide famous manufacturers of medical devices. Choose between Rest ECG Systems, Stress TEST and high end PC based ECG systems, from Edan Instruments, Fukuda, Welch Allyn & Cardioline, all offered with 2 years warranty and CE & FDA Certificates

ECG 5 lead cable 5CM2202
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ECG 5 lead cable 5CM2202, for monitors Infinium Infitron II, Omni, Omni Express, Omni II, Omni K designed to provide precise electrocardiographic readings.
EDAN SE-301 3-channel ECG
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EDAN SE-301 is a compact and portable cardiograph, with 5-inch color touch screen and built-in thermal printer with 3-channel simultaneous recording
EDAN SE-3 Colour ECG
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EDAN SE-3 Colour is a high-tech 3 channel electrocardiograph featuring a 192×64 pixels LCD screen capable of displaying 12 waveforms simultaneously.
Cardioline ECG200S
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Cardioline ECG200S is a 12channel ECG device with 7’ colour LCD screen, 32.000 samples/sec/channel sampling rate & A/D converter 24 bit
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CONTEC 1200G 12-channel ECG, with 8" touch screen, 120 minutes continuous printing battery, or 10 hours as a patient monitor.