Edan Elite V8 modular patient monitor

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EDAN's latest modular patient monitor elite V8 integrates world-leading technologies into one unit, in order to bring a flexible top-quality healthcare solution

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The special modular design of Edan Elite V8 modular patient monitor makes it possible for you to switch between different modules, meeting various high acuity clinical needs.

The standard parameters are the 3/5-lead ECG , the SpO2, the NIBP, the 2-TEMP , the RESP and the PR.

Optional parameters are 12-lead ECG, Nellcor OxiMaxTM SpO2, 8-IBP, C.O., respironics EtCO2 (Mainstream/Sidestream), PHASEIN anesthesia gas (mainstream/sidestrem).
As the latest flagship product from EDAN, the elite V8 has received for its industry-leading design.

It features a 17” color TFT-LCD screen which enables top-class quality display of waveforms & measurements.

Also, it provides an innovative wall mounting solution which has a design introduced to provide easy placement adjustments in both the vertical movements and horizontal rotations, bringing the best mounting experience to the users.

A specially optimized intuitive operation is employed by clicking on specific parameters or waveforms to configure (touch & configure).
In addition it has a barcode scanner which is supported to read the patient information directly from the patient barcode wristband.

Paring up with the special modular design, the MeasureSet Management system enables the easiest module-switch solution as a plug-and-play system.
Some of its Proprietary Technologies are the new iSEAP Algorithm, the unique iSEAP ECG algorithm which is specially optimized for arrhythmia patients is introduced to bring EDAN's latest ECG technologies to patient monitoring and a dual-mode Anti-interference Pulse Oximetry. Also a special pulse oximetry technology is included to provide even better performance especially for anti-motion and anti low perfusion requirements.

With the help of the latest top-class NIBP pump, the optimized NIBP algorithm for high-acuity divisions ensures the performance of our NIBP measurements.

The cooperative technologies are Nellcor OxiMaxTM SpO2 and Nellcor OxiMaxTM SpO2 which is offered as an option for special critical-care requirements. Some other cooperative technologies is the Respironics EtCO2 (Mainstream/Sidestream) which is provided for the respiratory monitoring requirements in ICU, PACU, etc. and PHASEIN Anesthesia Gas (Mainstream/Sidestream). For the anesthesia requirements in operating rooms, the latest PHASEIN technology is employed with its world’s first and only mainstream anesthesia gas analyzer.

Flexible Networking Solutions is the wired LAN/Wi-Fi Connection (the various interfaces and Wired LAN/Wi-Fi compatibilities of the elite V8 enable healthcare providers to monitor their patients seamlessly from anywhere in the hospital), the HL7 Compatibility with XML Files (With the ability to upload monitoring data in XML files, the elite V8 can communicate with any HL7-based HIS system.

MFM-CMS brings you a comprehensive central monitoring solution for all the bedside monitors, offering easy access to well-organized information.
With the latest web viewer function which makes it possible for you to access the monitoring data via PC, tablets and even smart phones. You may monitor the status of your patients anywhere, anytime.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Type Multi Parameter
Screen size 17’’
Factor Analysis SpO2, Temperature, RESP, ECG, NIBP, Heart rate
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Edan Elite V8 modular patient monitor

Edan Elite V8 modular patient monitor

EDAN's latest modular patient monitor elite V8 integrates world-leading technologies into one unit, in order to bring a flexible top-quality healthcare solution

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