BiPAP machines

BiPAP machines are a type of breathing machine used to treat sleep apnea. BiPAP stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure, i.e. it offers two different pressure levels, one pressure during inhalation and one during exhalation.

A BiPAP machine is a type of medical device used to treat breathing disorders. It is similar to the CPAP machine but differs in pressure levels as BiPAP uses 2 levels while CPAP uses one. BiPAP works by providing air pressure at different levels throughout the night to maintain an open airway. The pauses in breathing associated with sleep apnea are therefore prevented.

BiPAP machines are divided into 3 categories: BiPAP S machines, BiPAP Auto machines, and BiPAP ST machines. BiPAP S (spontaneous) machines have 2 pressures. Low pressure (EPAP) is applied when the user exhales while high pressure (IPAP) is applied during inhalation. The device alternates pressures depending on the user's breathing. The BiPAP ST devices (spontaneous/timed) where 2 pressures are also registered with the difference that the minimum number of breaths per minute can be set in case the user experiences bradypnea or apnea. In other words, they have the provision of supportive breathing.

A BiPAP works by providing air pressure at different levels throughout the night. The higher pressure helps keep the airway open, while the lower pressure helps reduce the pauses in breathing associated with apnea. In addition, the possibility of choosing a humidifier is provided as it helps to reduce the dryness of the air and prevents irritation of the airways.

To use a BiPAP machine you must first consult a doctor. Once you have the machine it is essential to get a BiPAP mask that fits without pressure and without causing leaks. After fitting the mask, you turn on the machine and adjust the appropriate settings.

At you can find BiPAP S machines, Auto BiPAP machines, and BiPAP ST machines, the latest technology to treat sleep apnea. Designed to offer 2 different pressure levels one during inhalation and one during exhalation.

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