Lowenstein Prisma VENT30 Portable Ventilator without battery

Puritan Bennett 560 Portable Ventilator
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The new prisma VENT30 ventilator by Weinmann Lowenstein with simple operation and no-adapter-required compatibility with the accessories from the prismaLINE.

€4,305.34 (tax incl.) €3,472.05 (tax excl.)
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Prisma VENT30 ventilator turns the future into reality now. Users appreciate the simple operation and the no-adapter-required compatibility with the accessories from the prismaLINE. The complete set of ventilation modes and pressures up to 30hPa make flexible usage possible even under changing conditions.

The functions AIr Trap Control, Trigger lockout and the expiratory ramp ensure safety and comfort in ventilation of COPD patients. Integrated graphic elements offer useful information at all times so that every parameter can be set correctly.

The integrated power unit reliably supplies energy to additional devices. The optionally available rechargeable battery can operate devices for up to 12 hours. The unusually lightweight Prisma VENT30 ventilator is equipped with the largest display we have ever built into a ventilator in this class.

Not least of all, the optimized menu navigation makes Prisma VENT30 ventilator the perfect solution for state-of-the-art ventilation and monitoring for patients in hospital and in homecare.

Large display, high contrast, sharpness and natural colors.
Intuitive menus, simple operation, quick optimization.
Simple settings with 360° easy turn dial and quick-selection keys.
Fits nearly all hoses, supplies additional devices,    functions with conventional cable.
Whisper-quiet operation, more compliance and   well-being of patient and others nearby.
0% noise disturbance -Quiet operation leads to better compliance.
100 % compatibility - No adapter needed foruse with nearly all hoses.
100 % sharp view - Perfect view from any angle
12 h duration - Maximum mobility with optional battery.
2.4 kg low weight - Lightweight forguaranteed mobility.

24 cm
16 cm
32 cm
5.50 kg

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