BiPAP iBreeze 25ST device

BiPAP iBreeze 25ST device
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Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) devices iBreeze 25ST by Resvent, with humidifier and connection to WIFI; a solution to ventilation. 

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BiPAP iBreeze 25ST by Resvent give pioneer solutions to confront ventilation, for a comfortable and pleasant sleep for the patient. With 5 inches touching technology supported with knob navigation eliminate all barriers between seeing and using.

The humidifier of the BiPAP iBreeze 25ST, can apperceive the environment temperature and humidity and maintain the humidifying within a certain level so that there will not be condensation in the respiration hose or mask.

The respiratory care with the BiPAP iBreeze device is a comfortable experience for the patient, because of the uniqueness of IPR (Intelligence Pressure Release) and the REG (Respiratory Event Guarantee) algorithm, which detects each patient's situation and offers the best therapy, adjusted to patient's needs. 

Among Resvent iBreeze premium segment, in EVAPS (Essential Volume Assured Pressure Support) mode, the system will adjust optimal supporting pressure automatically and ensure the delivery of pre-setting target tidal volume.

The system will continuously monitor the water level, and stop heating and give a visible alert, while the water level comes low, avoiding the patient's discomfort led by dry air and delivering the maximum of safety. With the help of timely waveform display function, more respiratory specifics of the patient can be presented to the clinicians. An advanced ventilation algorithm in synchronization gives the patient a real brilliant experience of the free breath.

All devices from the iBreeze series can be connected via Wi-Fi with smart phone/tablets to iMatrix application to maximize convenience. 

Pressure range 4 - 30cmΗ2Ο
Ramp 0 - 60min
Data Recording td> 365 days
Accuracy 0.5cmH2O
Pressure Release IPR (3 scale)
Humidification Auto (8 scale)
Electric Protocol 100V - 240V, 50Hz - 60Hz
Added functions SpO2, heated tube, EVAPS, auto compensation, auto on/off, mask fit, water lever detection, tube drying
User weight >30kg
Device weight 1.35kg
Device size 238 x 178 x 128 mm
Screen 5"
Noise level <28dΒ


  • Nasal mask
  • SD card
  • Tube 15mm
3 kg
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