Tracheostomy tubes

Tracheostomy tubes are small, flexible tubes that are inserted through a surgical open incision (tracheostomy) to provide an alternative airway for patients who cannot breathe through the nose or mouth. They consist of a flexible tube that allows air to be delivered directly to the lungs, bypassing the nose and mouth. The use of a tracheostomy tube can be either temporary or permanent.

They are available in various sizes and diameters, adapting to the needs of each patient. Most are made of elastic materials such as silicone to provide flexibility and comfort to the patient. In addition, they can be metal or plastic.

Tracheal tubes are divided into single-lumen tracheal tubes and double-lumen tracheal tubes. Single-lumen tracheostomy tubes do not have an inner tube and can be left in place for 1-3 days. Similarly, double-lumen tracheal tubes have an inner tube and can remain in place for a relatively long period of time. Both categories can contain a cuff. They are available for adults, children, and infants and in various sizes depending on the diameter.

For better hygiene and maintenance of the tracheal tube, cleaning is required. More specifically, it is recommended that the inner or outer tube be removed if possible, and washed with warm water and soap. To sterilize it, it is recommended to use a special disinfectant liquid. Under no circumstances should a household cleaner or dental cleaner be used.

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