Waist braces

Waist braces are designed to provide support for the torso and waist, ideal for treating pain or soreness and for use during sports, work, or for use in the post-operative period. Waist braces are designed in this way to hug the torso at the lumbar spine, thereby supporting the waist peripherally. The effect of using a lumbar belt is that the body's inclination remains in the same position, allowing the site to recover, remain immobile, or be protected from potential injury.

Waist braces are available in different types so that each one covers different situations. More specifically, for simple support of the back, elastic waist braces are preferred, while for additional support, reinforced waist braces are preferred.

Waist braces provide support and stability to the lower back, reducing strain on the spine and muscles. The support can help relieve pain and discomfort, allowing for improved mobility and function. In addition, they improve posture as they are designed to promote proper posture by aligning the spine and pulling the shoulders back. Maintaining the correct posture prevents further strain on the back muscles and reduces the risk of chronic pain. Waist belts prevent injuries as they can be used proactively during back-straining activities or prolonged periods of sedentary life.

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