Aspen LSO lower spine brace

Aspen LSO lower spine brace
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Aspen® LSO lower spine brace offers support and immobilization to patients who need it, adapts to each user, and has removable pillows.

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The Aspen® LSO lower spine brace offers protection to those who need it, especially in cases after spine surgery. Limits the range of motion and supports each patient. Due to the large lumbar window in the back, access to the operated area is easy, without the need of removing the Aspen® LSO. Aluminum rods strengthen the support of the spine and offer a feeling of comfort to the patient.

It has an easy LeverLatch™ closure, so that it tightens easily and quickly, for unique support and effective movement restriction. Also, the Aspen® LSO lower spine brace is extremely soft and skin-friendly, thanks to the CushionFlex™ Tabs, which through their cotton lining softens the interface. Finally, it forms a structurally rigid shape, which prevents unnecessary body movements and can be cut or modified with great ease.

The Aspen® LSO lower spine brace has removable, washable cushions and common soap, which are made of hypoallergenic and breathable material. In this way, the skin is protected from any floods.

Suitable for use on MRI and CT scan. It can be worn under the user's clothes, but it is recommended to use an undershirt for improved comfort. 

Use mild soap and water to clean the brace by hand. Allow airing dry. Do not use bleach, harsh chemicals, or machine wash/dry.

It is available in various sizes:

  • Short/Small: 26in (66cm) - 39in (99cm)
  • Short/Large: 36in (91cm) - 49in (124cm)
  • Tall/Small: 32in (81cm) - 47in (119cm)
  • Tall/Large: 44in (112cm) - 59in (150cm)
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