Kepler 80100 lumbar support belt + waist pillow

Kepler 80100 lumbar support belt + waist pillow
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Kepler 80100 lumbar support belt designed to relieve lower back pain, for everyday use, available in various sizes, with a free waist pillow with your purchase.

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Kepler 80100 lumbar support belt is an amazing orthopedic aid that provides comfort and warmth to the waist area. It has active red fabric for the waist, hips, sides, and back area. The warmth it brings relieves pain of any kind (musculoskeletal, joint, etc.).

In particular, the customized fabric of the Kepler 80100 lumbar support belt, binds the natural heat emitted by our body and returns it deep to the application area, creating beneficial hyperemia and, by extension, proper oxygenation. Suitable for conditions of the waist, hip, back, and sides as well as joints while at the same time offering supportive confidence to the user.

In addition, the Kepler 80100 lumbar support belt fits easily and is not visible through clothing, while at the same time, you can comfortably and easily continue any daily activity without discomfort. Also, it can be worn at work, at home, for a walk, or at the gym, and relieves you of pain in the most natural way.

Instructions for use:

We open the belt and adjust the "red" fabric to the area of pain.

We close the two ends using our two hands and tighten slightly for a good fit.

In just a few minutes we begin to feel the sweet warmth at the point of pain.

For lower-intensity warmth, we can wear a thin t-shirt or some other garment and place the belt on top.

There is no restriction on application hours.

Wear your orthopedic aid as many hours a day as you wish depending on the intensity of the pain.

Maintenance instructions:

You can wash it as often as you wish.

Wash it in cold water with neutral detergent.

Leave ιit to dry naturally in a shady place.

Do not iron it.

Do not put it in the washing machine or lay it out in the sun, because the ceramic materials and metals in the fabric may be damaged.

Size instruction:

Simply measure your circumference.

Then add 10-15 cm.

Finally, select the appropriate size from the size chart.

Sizes Waist circumference
S up to 100cm
M up to120cm
L up to 140cm
XL up to 160cm

*With the purchase of a Kepler 80100 lumbar support belt we give you a waist pillow for free.

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