Thuasne abdominal support 1390

Thuasne ζώνη μετεγχειρητική 1390
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Thuasne 1390 abdominal support belt made of durable fabric, for support of the back and the abdominal wall, ideal for postoperative support and prevention.

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The Thuasne abdominal support has a front zone in ladder-proof fabric, allowing drains and colostomy bags to be passed through. Finger loops allow easy grip, light and comfortable with self-fastening adjustment. Support for minor upper and lower back pain, support for the abdominal wall.

About choosing the right size:

The numbers No1, No2, No3 refer to the size of the waist circumference, and the dimensions indicate the length of the abdominal support.

  • Νο1: 60cm - 90cm weist measurements
  • Νο2: 90cm - 120cm weist measurements
  • Νο3: 120cm - 150cm weist measurements
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