Suction devices

Suction devices are medical devices used to remove mucus, blood, and other body fluids from a patient. Aspirators can be used during surgery or at home and most suction devices are portable, for use in ambulances and nursing homes. They consist of a vacuum pump, a vacuum regulator and gauge, one or two collection containers, an antibacterial filter, and connection tubes. Plastic tubing is used to continuously draw fluid into the collection vessel. Portable aspirators are often used when a patient experiences a fluid or semi-solid obstruction in the pharynx, trachea, or other oral cavities.

A suction device is recommended when a patient is unable to remove their own secretions, such as patients receiving palliative care, people with chronic illnesses (COPD, ALS, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, etc.), or patients who have had a tracheostomy. To treat such chronic diseases, sputum suction devices are available.

In particular, to create negative pressure and remove secretions, suction devices are equipped with a vacuum pump which is often located inside and creates a negative pressure, necessary for a functional aspirator machine. The patient's tubing is attached to the suction end and conveys the secretions to the collection container which holds the patient's secretions and often provides overflow protection in the event that too much fluid is aspirated. The collection container is recommended to support the use of bacteria/viral filters to prevent contamination of the aspirator's internal components.

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Aspirator New Askir 230
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Portable aspirator New Askir 230 12V BR suitable for emergency applications and for post-operative therapy such as oral, nasal and tracheal aspiration.
New Askir 20 portable suction unit
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Τhe New Askir 20 is a unit designed with electric suction technology, oral and intratracheal aspiration of body fluids by adults and children with a maximum flow of 16l / min.