Aspirator New Askir 118 emergency

Aspirator new askir 118 emergency
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Aspirator New Askir 118 emergency is a device targeting patients with tracheotomy to properly move to hospital corridors and for small surgeries.

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Aspirator New Askir 118 emergency is suitable for nasal, buccal and tracheal aspiration of body exudates (such as mucus, runny nose and blood) in adults and children.

The New Askir aspirator device is carefully designed to provide ease of transport and almost continuous use thanks to an electrical power management system.

The aspirator is made of high thermal and electrical insulating plastic material in accordance with the latest European safety regulations and is available with a full polycarbonate suction container with overflow valve sterilization.

It has a suction regulator and marker on the control panel. The light on the New Askir aspirator dashboard indicates its activation and charging status.

It features:

  • Battery: lithium 14.8V-5.2A, autonomy 70 minutes
  • Low battery audio
  • Recharge time: 6 hours
  • Car adapter included.
  • proximity sensor
  • Pressure sensor that reduces motor pressure by 50% when not
  • Aspiration is recognized.
  • Maximum Suction Pressure: -0.75 Bar
  • Flow Rate: 26 lt / min at -0.75 Bar
  • Noise level with container: 60 dBA
  • Weight: 2.70 Kg

Aspirator New Askir 118 emergency comes with 2 years warranty and battery warranty 6 months.

3 kg
Data sheet
Flow rate
26 L/min
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