Devilbiss 7305 VacuAide D-D

Devilbiss 7305 VacuAide D-D
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The VacuAide is a small and lightweight portable aspirator. It is primarily used for bronchial / oral hygiene and effective airways clearance.

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The VacuAide Devilbiss 7305 D-D  is ideal for home or hospital use and meets the stringent ISO 10079-1 standards for emergency transport suction.
The VacuAide Devilbiss 7305 D-D includes a 800ml flask, suction pipe and wires AC and DC power ανδ τhe suction unit.
With high performance capabilities with a vacuum range of 80 - 550 mmHg and a flow range of 0 - 27 l/min. It meets the stringent ISO 10079-1 standard.
Comes complete with a rechargeable battery, 12 V DC in car charger, mains lead and carry case. It has a switch mode power supply allowing operation on any AC voltage 100 V - 240 V and an integrated bacterial filter. With automatic float shut-off to prevent overflow into the unit.
The 7305 model is available in two options: the 7305P-U with a 800ml disposable collection bottle or the 7305P-US with a 1200ml re-usable collection bottle.
Uses a rechargeable battery with 60 minutes run time. It automatically recharges when connected to the power supply. With 12 V DC capability for vehicle charging.
Refer to the AARC Guidelines for appropriate subatmospheric pressures:
  • At Neonates is 60—80 mm Hg, at infants is 80—100 mm Hg, at children 100—120 mm Hg and adults is 100—150 mm Hg.
  • Negative pressures should not exceed 150 mmHg as higher pressures have been shown to cause trauma, hypoxemia and atelectasis.
Bibliographic Sources: American Association for Respiratory Care. Nasotracheal suctioning 2004 revision & update. Respir Care 2004 Sep;49(9): 1080-4 (62 references).

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