Aspirator New Askir 230

Aspirator New Askir 230
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Portable aspirator New Askir 230 12V BR suitable for emergency applications and for post-operative therapy such as oral, nasal and tracheal aspiration.

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New Askir 30 / 12V BR is a aspirator working with 12V DC (autotration battery) to be used for the nasal aspiration, oral aspiration, tracheal aspiration of the body liquids (mucus, catarrh or blood) in the adult or in the children.

Thanks to this characteristics and to the rating that it has product is particularly suitable for the transport.

Made of highly heat resistant, electrically insulated plastic material in conformity with the latest European safety standard, the product is supplied with a polycarbonate autoclavable jar with overflow valve and it is equipped with aspiration regulator and vacuum indicator located on the front panel.

  • With high vacuum/high flow and max suction -0.8 bar (-12psi)
  • Flow rate at 16lpm, duty cycle 120mins on/60 mins off and jar capacity 2 litres
  • With 230v/50Hz power
  • Durable 1lt container, sterilizable at 120 ° C 
  • The container has a safety valve to prevent overflow 
  • Antibacterial filter
  • Pressure regulator 
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Weight: 3.5 Kg 
  • Battery warranty: 6 months 
  • Battery autonomy: 80 minutes
  • CE Class lla (directive 93/42/EEC)

21 cm
18 cm
35 cm
4.90 kg
Data sheet
4.9 kg
Flow rate
16 L/min
35 cm
21 cm
18 cm
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