Resuscitator bags

Resuscitation bags or ambu resuscitators are medical devices that use pressure to manually achieve respiratory function in patients who have breathing problems. Resuscitation bags are portable medical devices and can be used either connected to ventilation ambu masks or directly to the endotracheal tube pipe. They are usually used temporarily until the patient is transferred to a medical ventilator.

Resuscitation bags are used both for resuscitation and for breathing support, in patients with insufficient ventilation of the lungs or in respiratory emergencies for CPR. Resuscitation bags are available in several sizes, with different bag volumes and a variety of masks to fit adult, pediatric, or neonate patients.

By applying pressure to the resuscitation bag with the hands, the pressure transports the air contained in the bag to the outlet, which is connected to the patient's mouth. Thanks to the valve, the air inside the resuscitation bag cannot flow to the back. The bag valve mask controls the amount of air or oxygen that flows to the patient's mouth and depends on the force exerted on the resuscitation bag by the rescuer or healthcare professional (or the tank, if oxygen is being administered).

Ambu resuscitators are either single-use or reusable. Reusable resuscitators are manufactured by polycarbonate or silicone, suitable for steam sterilization. Single-use resuscitators are made of PVC or rubber and are not sterilized.

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Infant face mask No. 1
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Infant's face mask No 1 is made of silicone and polysulfone, compatible with any ventilator or respiratory system, suitable for infant use.
Ambu mask for adults No 5
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Ambu silicone face mask for adults No 5, transparent for complete observation of the patient's condition, suitable for resuscitation devices and ventilators.