Ambu Mark IV resuscitation kit for adults 34217

Ambu Mark IV resuscitation kit for adults 34217
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Ambu Mark IV resuscitation kit suitable for adults with integrated handle for easier holding and first aid equipment in a carrying bag.

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The Ambu Mark IV resuscitation kit is suitable for adults and is available with a carrying case.

The Ambu Mark IV resuscitation bag comes with an integrated handle making it easier to hold and enabling uniform compressions in all emergency situations, even in wet conditions - and for users with small hands.

The Ambu Mark IV is designed with double walls, made of silicone rubber, 100% latex-free and with the possibility of multiple uses as it is completely sterilized at 134 ° C.

The thin outer cover gives the user a very good “fingertip” feeling for how much pressure is needed, while the inner lining with its air holes allows rapid recoil for optimum stroke volume. 

The Ambu Mark IV provides users with exceptional visual and tactile lung condition feedback during manual resuscitation, making operation safer and more secure. Also, gives the user complete control of the amount of pressure delivered to the patient and enables artificial respiration with quick frequencies, if needed.

The Ambu Mark IV has a swivel between the patient valve and the mask, as well as between the valve and bag, making it possible to change positions or switch hands without interrupting patient ventilation.

The Ambu Mark IV resuscitation kit includes:

  • Silicone face mask N°4 for adults
  • 60cm H2O pop-off valve
  • Oxygen tube 2 m
  • Sterile oxygen valve
  • Helicoidal mouth-wedge
  • Tongue holding forceps
  • 3 Guedel airways (small, medium and large)
SpecificationsMARK IV
Maximum volume delivered 1300ml
Length x diameter (including patient valve) 275mm x 135mm
Weight of the resuscitator 415g
Dead space <5ml
Application temperature -18 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C to 70 °C
Comply with the following standards: ASTM F 930-93(99), EN ISO 10651-4:2002, 93/42/EEC
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