Electrical stimulation disposables

Electrical stimulation disposables are made of excellent quality materials, flexible and durable for longer life and ease of use, for the respective electrical stimulation machines to ensure their proper operation. 

Pads and their holding bags, are electrical stimulation disposables and are connected through direct contact with the skin. Electrostimulation electrodes (TENS electrodes και EMS) are either self-adhesive or not, for ease of both application to and removal from the body. Also, they are multi-use (but single-patient), made of fiber or silicone, and include a socket for ease of connection. Ultrasound gels and tens are used in electrical stimulation to reliably transfer ultrasonic waves and tens current.

In the medi-shop.gr you can find electrostimulation disposables, those include electrostimulation electrodes, electrode replacement sets, electrode holding bags, ultrasound gels, etc. They offer excellent conductivity and great durability.