PowerDot electrode pads

PowerDot electrode pads
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Replacement PowerDot electrode pads with 2 rectangular electrode pads and 4 round electrode pads.

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What's inside:
1 bag contains 2 PowerDot rectangular electrode pads and 4 PowerDot round electrode pads. (Approximately 1-2 months of active training)

Available in Red or Black colour

When to replace PowerDot pads:

  • For optimimum performance of your Powerdot Muscle Stimulator make sure your electrode pads are sticky, clean and are functioning properly.
  • PowerDot Electrode pads will last for 25 to 30 uses or more depending on the amount of oil on your skin.  It's always a good idea to wipe your skin clean prior to use.
  • Replace your PowerDot pads when they no longer stick to your skin.
  • If the sticky side is covered in lint.
  • When you notice the recruitment of muscle is starting to diminish or becomes slightly uncomfortable.

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