Physiotherapy devices

Physiotherapy machines are built with the latest technologies and treatment protocols to offer a wide range of benefits in every condition. They use different technologies to aid recovery from injuries, surgery, and other physical conditions that may affect the mobility or range of motion of individuals. They are an integral part of the rehabilitation process, helping patients regain their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. 

There are different types of physiotherapy machines with different technologies to meet every need. Some of the most common types of physiotherapy machines are:

  • Electrotherapy & TENS devices: they use different types of currents for therapeutic purposes such as high-voltage currents, iontophoresis, etc. They aim at analgesia, improve blood circulation, and relax muscle spasms. 
  • Laser physiotherapy: They operate with focused artificial light at different wavelengths of light and are divided into high-power physiotherapy lasers and low-power physiotherapy lasers. They are used for injury rehabilitation and pain relief.
  • Shockwave therapy machines: They produce a series of pulsed acoustic waves in targeted areas, velocity blood flow, and help regenerate new cells.
  • TECAR devices: they use electromagnetic energy, without radiation, to penetrate deep into the body. They have at least 2 treatment modes: capacitive and antistatic, and ready-made treatment protocols. 
  • Pressotherapy: It is a form of lymphatic massage and is designed to stimulate the flow of body fluids and improve the lymphatic system. They can be used when recovering from intense exercise as they help to decompress the muscles and are ideal for those who want to relax after a long day or long hours of standing.

The benefits of physiotherapy machines are many and significant. In more detail, the use of physiotherapy machines reduces pain as it stimulates nerves and improves the range of motion in people who have undergone surgery or whose mobility is limited due to a physical condition. Range of motion can be improved with machines such as CPM or electrotherapy devices. Finally, physiotherapy devices promote healing by increasing blood flow, are a non-invasive treatment but also an ideal choice for any condition as they offer personalized treatment depending on the patient's needs. 

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beurer EM49 TENS device
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beurer EM49 with 64 pre-programmed applications of TENS, EMS and relaxable massage and 6 individualized programs. With ergonomic design and blue illuminated LCD.