Electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation is the most popular method of passive electrical stimulation of the muscles, applied in the human body. Electrical stimulation uses pads that are applied to the body through which a low-voltage current is delivered to achieve muscle contraction. It is mainly used for pain relief, muscle strengthening, reducing cellulite, tightening the skin, and decongesting the lymphatic system.

Electrοstimulation follows the normal process of muscle contraction performed by the brain. When a muscle contracts, the brain sends a message in the form of an electrical current that is carried at high speed through the nerve fibers. With the arrival of the signal, the motor nerve is activated which causes the muscle contraction. Therefore, with electrοstimulation, the motor nerve is directly activated with completely uniform current pulses. In this way, the muscle cannot distinguish between a contraction induced by the brain and one induced by electrοstimulation.

Electrical stimulation uses electrical stimulation machines and appropriate accessories such as electrostimulation probes, electrostimulation pads, tens, etc. Many electrostimulation machines incorporate innovative TENS technology and combine comfort, pleasant exercise, and optimal results.

The electrical stimulation therapy benefits are that promotes muscle growth, improves flexibility, endurance, and strength, positively influencing mobility and performance. Enhances weight and fat loss by massaging to increase blood and lymph circulation. It also improves the physical condition by treating cellulite and activating the metabolism.

Electrοstimulation is used worldwide by athletes or patients, with different treatment goals, as well as by physiotherapists, and personal trainers in fitness, wellness, and beauty institutes, rehabilitation centers, and medical facilities.

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