Multi-function electrosurgical units for cut coagulation and micro-coagulation, cauterization of small vessels, suitable to light and medium surgery.

Electrosurgical units allows a highly professional surgery thanks to the user-friendly and safety solutions normally used. Worldwide famous manufacturers of medical devices (Bovie, Led, GIMA, Servoprax) guarantee consistent safety and reliability under any conditions for outstanding professional surgical results combining ergonomic and superior safety features.

Electrocautery GIMA 30580
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The Electrocautery is a sterile bipolar battery operated disposable device for the cauterization of small vessels; the temperature of the tip is 1200°C.
Cautery set Servoprax
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Standard electrocautery set with reusable low-temperature cautery handle 1200 °C, 2 interchangeable electrodes: H4 05055 and H4 0505 etc