Roesch-Handel silver nitrate sticks 75% (100 pcs)

Roesch-Handel silver nitrate sticks 75% (100 pcs)
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Roesch-Handel silver nitrate sticks 75% for removal of granulation tissue and skin warts, hemostatic, disposable, in a package of 100 pieces.

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Roesch-Handel 75% silver nitrate sticks for chemical cautery using a mixture of silver nitrate and potassium nitrate attached to the head of the sticks. They have a caustic and septic effect, through which they act as a hemostatic agent in bleeding, as their septic effect prevents infections. Also, they have a wide application in the removal of granulation tissue and skin warts.

In addition, the chemical reaction of the Roesch-Handel silver nitrate sticks 75% can be used for nosebleeds by applying the sticks to the blood vessel or even to the mucous membrane of the nostril. In addition, they can be applied to cervical incisions after biopsy or cervical ectropion.

Specifically, each Roesch-Handel silver nitrate stick contains 75% w/w silver nitrate as the active ingredient and 25% w/w potassium nitrate and is disposable.

The Roesch-Handel silver nitrate sticks 75% are available in a pack of 100 pieces.


  • Silver nitrate: 75% w/w
  • Potassium nitrate: 25% w/w
  • Septic action
  • Caustic action
  • Single-use
  • 100 pieces/pack


  1. Clean the area before use
  2. Wet the tip of the stick (for 1-2 sec under running water)
  3. If there is moisture in the area there is no need to wet the stick
  4. The aim is to transport the water of the limb, rich in silver nitrate, to the area to be treated
  5. When soaked in water the tip will turn white or light gray and then it is ready to use
  6. You should not apply pressure or rub the area with the stick, instead, it is dabbed several times with the stick
  7. This area will discolor and pull away from the surrounding tissue after a few days
  8. Repeat every 2-3 days until desired results are achieved
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