Electrocautery Bovie HIT1

Electrocautery Bovie HIT1
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Change-A-Tip high-temp cautery handle; includes one H101 non-sterile tip and two “AA” alkaline batteries.

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This replaceable battery & replaceable tip cautery is the next advance in battery operated cauteries where reusability is a must.

Requires 2 AA batteries , which are included and is suitable for all the tips ( ends ) of the Bovie.

The diathermy Bovie HIT1 includes thin nose H101 and is suitable for most procedures , some of which is a discharge of subungual aimatomatos , accurate hemostasis, vasectomy and control the diffusion of haemophilia.

Change-A-Tip high-temp handle (includes one H101 non-sterile tip and two “AA” alkaline batteries - 1/box)

With high-temp adjustable fine tip, 1500-2100° F (816°-1149° C).

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