PowerDot UNO wireless electrostimulation device

PowerDot UNO wireless electrostimulation device
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New Revolutionary PowerDot UNO electrostimulation device with Advanced Smartphone Application.

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PowerDot is a wireless EMS unit used to increase the blood flow and metabolite washout and decrease muscle tension to improve and speed up exercise recovery. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) allows target training by placing electrode pads around the muscle and contracting it via electrical current. All sessions, Recovery, Warm Up, and Strength, run from an app on your mobile (iOS and Android).


The PowerDot Uno and Duo offer the same training programs and will generate the same results. The Duo allows you to work both sides of your body at the same time...a huge time-saver.


Everyday Programs

Everyday Programs are the perfect place to start your journey to your individual PowerDot Uno training progression.
Designed to assist in the essential rest and recovery required between training sessions to develop full payoff from the previous training session. Use the following programs on your PowerDot Uno, on a regular basis to make your next training session the best performance yet.

  • Active Recovery: Reduces blood lactate accumulation and speeds up muscle recovery after a hard training session.
  • Extended Recovery: An extended version of the Active Recovery program. Runs longer for a better recovery.
  • Massage: Temporarily increases blood circulation in the area applied and promotes muscle relaxation. Great add-on for your rest days.
  • Warm-up/potentiation: Increases muscle contraction speed and prepares muscles for the maximum output. The potentiation Program is a great warm-up tool.

Performance Programs

As your muscles develop a foundation of familiarity with EMS via the PowerDot Uno general programs, your level of EMS training background increases over time. Think of the Performance Programs as key workouts. Just like a beginner to working out in the gym would only start with 1-2 sessions a week, the PowerDot Uno EMS Performance Programs should start with 1-2 sessions a week for the beginner EMS user.

  • PowerDot Uno Muscle Endurance: Improves muscle endurance and resistance to fatigue. Assists in developing a higher absolute intensity over a given volume at greater ease, improving muscle’s ability to increase the rate of lactic acid removal.
  • PowerDot Uno Strength Endurance: Improves muscle ability to resist intense and prolonged effort, muscle tone, and definition. Assists in the ability to sustain higher intensities of exercise for short time frames.
  • PowerDot Uno Strength: Improves muscle strength. Great in complementing strength training sessions with a major focus on pushing, pressing, and pulling training.
  • PowerDot Uno Explosive Strength: Focuses on rapid muscle strength development. Great for overcoming plateaus in your strength or speed training, complements well your plyometric workouts.
  • PowerDot Uno Resistance: Improves muscle ability to resist intense and prolonged effort, and increases muscle hypertrophy (muscle cross-sectional area). Assists in creating strength gains toward movement, speed, and ground reaction force on the field or court.
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