Compression stockings

Compression stockings are medical protective socks that do not exert the same pressure on all parts of our leg, in order to help the return of venous blood to the heart and limit blood stagnation in the lower part of the legs. VARISAN, SIGVARIS, Zamst & Anatomic Line compression stockings apply more compression low on the ankles, while gradually, towards the top of the leg, the pressure decreases.

The action of antithrombotic stockings is mainly due to the pressure they exert on the shin muscles and less to the direct compression of the enlarged varicose veins. Pressing the calf muscles reduces the diameter of the internal veins and thus increases the speed of venous blood flow in our legs & thus the reduction of blood stasis and symptoms is achieved.

Compression stockings are provided after a medical examination or doctor's prescription and are available in thigh, upper knee & lower knee socks and in 3 different classes - level of compression. All socks are available in 5 sizes depending on ankle & calf circumference, while open or closed-toe socks are available.