Varisan top Ccl1 calf high 18-21mmHg Open toe

Varisan top Ccl1 calf high 18-21mmHg Open toe
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Varisan compression stockings of 18-21mm Hg, knee high, with open or closed toe, available in beige or black color.

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Varisan knee-high compression stockings, Class 1: 18-21mm Hg, available in open toes in beige or black color. Class 1, graduated compression 18-21 mm Hg, belongs to the therapeutic series of Varisan, for the treatment of varicose veins and edema at an early stage.

To choose the appropriate size sock to follow the measurement instructions

No 1 2 3 4 5
Ankle perimeter 19-20 cm 21-23 cm 23-25 cm 25-27 cm 28-30 cm
Calf perimeter 31-34 cm 34-37 cm 37-40 cm 40-44 cm 44-48 cm
Thigh perimeter 50-55 cm 53-58 cm 56-61 cm 60-66 cm 64-70 cm

Size Height from heel to knee Height from heel to the upper thigh 
Short 36-41 cm 66-73 cm
Normal 42-48 cm 74-82 cm
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Class 1

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