Varisan Passo calf high stockings 18mmHg

Varisan Passo calf high stockings
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Unisex sock Varisan Passo below knee graduated compression 18 mmHg with hypoallergenic cotton and silk.

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The Varisan Passo has an innovative composition from 14% Lycra, 46% Polyamide, 32% hypoallergenic cotton and 8% silk, ensuring every day comfort, preventing irritation even on the most sensitive skin, allowing optimal oxygenation of the skin and maintaining normal levels of skin moisture.
The Varisan Passo has a preventive effect against circulatory problems of the lower limbs, while exempt from swelling and heaviness in the legs.
Certified by the major European laboratories.

The Varisan Passo is ideal for:

  • People who standing several hours daily
  • Individuals who are forced into long hours of immobility or sedentary work
  • People who make long distance walking
  • Long air travelers, for protection from the economy class syndrome
  • People who have inherited predisposition display circulatory problems
  • Available in six stylish colors: mustard, red, blue, brown, gray, black


1: 36-37, 2: 38-39, 3: 40-42, 4: 43-44, 5: 45-46

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