Varisan Fashion Ccl 2 compression pantyhose 23-32 mmHg

Varisan Fashion
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Varisan Fashion compression pantyhose of class 2 with graduated compression 23-32 mmHg certified by the german GGG RAL institute, available in 4 sizes and 2 colors.

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Varisan Fashion compression pantyhose is RAL certified and available in 4 sizes. It features the appearance of a fashion product but the same characteristics as a class I medical stocking, with cotton in contact with the skin.

Varisan Fashion pleasing appearance overcomes the reluctance of many patients to wear a beige stocking. The microfibre yarn gives the stocking excellent breathability.

Varisan Fashion Ccl 2 compression pantyhose indications: Superficial vein thrombosis, acute deep vein thrombosis, lymphoedema, prevention of post-thrombotic syndrome.

Available in black and beige and 4 sizes:

Size 1
Ankle circumference: 19-21 cm
Calf circumference: 29-35 cm
Thigh circumference: 49-56 cm

Size 2
Ankle circumference: 22-24 cm
Calf circumference: 33-40 cm
Thigh circumference: 54-62 cm

Size 3
Ankle circumference: 25-27 cm
Calf circumference: 38-45 cm
Thigh circumference: 59-67 cm

Size 4
Ankle circumference: 28-30 cm
Calf circumference: 42-48 cm
Thigh circumference: 64-74 cm

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