Thermometers are devices that provide accurate measurements of body temperature, allowing you to take timely measures in case of illness, of the room, whether internal or external, and there are also suitable thermometers for measuring the temperature of chemical solutions.

Thermometers help measure body temperature so you can take early action in the event of illness whether you are a parent, healthcare professional, or simply someone who wishes to monitor their well-being. Thermometers work on the principle that different materials expand or contract with temperature changes.

Specifically, digital thermometers use electronic sensors to measure changes in electrical resistance caused by temperature fluctuations. These changes are then converted into temperature readings and displayed on the digital display. Infrared thermometers, on the other hand, measure temperature by detecting thermal radiation emitted by an object. They do this by using a sensor that can detect and convert infrared radiation into temperature readings. This allows non-contact temperature measurement, making infrared thermometers ideal for situations where maintaining distance is essential.

Mercury thermometers work by using the thermal expansion properties of mercury. When the temperature rises, the mercury inside the thermometer expands, causing it to rise up the narrow tube. Conversely, when the temperature drops, the mercury contracts, causing it to fall. The temperature is then read by looking at the mercury level against a scale.

Thermometers are high quality to suit your needs, designed with accuracy and ease of use in mind, ensuring accurate and consistent results every time. They have advanced functions, such as quick indications and easy-to-read screens, to help effectively monitor your health.

In, you can find a wide variety of infrared thermometers, indoor and outdoor thermometers, and fever thermometers, for adults, kids, and babies, for personal use and also in clinics or laboratories.

Beurer HM16 Thermo-hygrometer
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Digital thermometer - hygrometer with simultaneous display of temperature and humidity of your room. Made in Germany by Beurer with easy to read display and modern
Ηydrometer 10-20°C
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Ηydrometer 10-20°C, suitable for determining the density of liquids, ideal for aqueous solutions, beverages, various oils, petroleum products, fuels, etc.
Alcoholmeter 02-010
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Alcoholmeter 02-010 is designed for determining the alcohol concentration of the distillate, can be easily used in the wine and food industry.
Beurer FT 15/1 thermometer
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Beurer FT 15/1 digital thermometer, with sound notification at the end of the measurement, without glass and mercury, with a flexible tip and measuring time 10"
W-P digital thermometer
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W-P digital thermometer for accurate temperature measurements in °C, with an accuracy of ±0.1°C, and ideal for use in clinics and hospitals.