Beurer FT 15/1 thermometer

Beurer FT 15/1 thermometer
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Beurer FT 15/1 digital thermometer, with sound notification at the end of the measurement, without glass and mercury, with a flexible tip and measuring time 10"

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If you have been frustrated by the common thermometers which require maximum safety during use, use the thermometer FT 15/1 from beurer. Features elastic flexible tip, which is not likely to break during use.

Also, it has no mercury and is waterproof. The beurer FT 15/1 thermometer is very fast, as it takes only 10 seconds to measure. Possibility of measuring both in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. 

Using the beurer FT 15/1 thermometer, you will be notified via audio tags when the finished measurement is and also when the temperature measurement exceeds 37.8 degrees Celsius.

The beurer FT 15/1 has an automatic shutdown function after the measurement, a protective cover, and a memory location to save your measurement. The measurement accuracy is at +/- 0,1 ° C and the package included batteries.

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