CefarCompex Primo Pro

CefarCompex Primo Pro
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With the new Cefar Primo Pro we present a pain relief stimulator loaded with possibilities for all challenges that you can come across as a health care professional.

With Cefar's strong values of quality and a well defined user friendly design makes the daily use of Cefar Primo Pro easy for the professional as well as the patient at home. Automatic amplitude adjustment. With the press of a button, the amplitude will automatically set and adjust during the first part of stimulation. CEFAR EASY TOUCH helps the patient to easily find the right level of stimulation strong, enough to ensure a therapeutic effect. 
A preset program with a new comfortable way of stimulating. By using both channels (four electrodes) at the same time, you obtain pain relief together with a pleasant massaging, pumping feeling. Suitable for back, neck, hip and shoulder areas. There are three open slots, which make it possible to create your and parameters for each individual patient. For Cefar Primo Pro you can easily program modulate frequency and pulse duration. You can also customize frequency and stimulation time for mixed frequency.
The new Cefar Primo Pro is equipped with backlight that has been a request from many users. With a larger display on Cefar Primo Pro , the backlight makes it much easier to read even if the surrounding light is insufficient. A separate amplitude adjustment for two different frequencies to get the best accommodation in stimulation. To increase the level of security for the user, Cefar Primo Pro is equipped with an automatic self check. If there is something wrong in the PCB (printed circuit board) connections, the stimulator will not be possible to use. An error sign will be shown in the display, and service is needed. Timer
There is one individual timer for each channel that is possible to set separately at a choice of 0–60 minutes.

The Primo Pro includes 7 preset programs and three programmable . The operating frequency is at 120 Hz and the intensity is at 60 mA. The pulse width is in 300 ms. The figures of the current used is symmetric biphasic pulse and TENS. The supply of the portable TENS device is changed from batteries 2 x 1, 5 V AA and dimensions of the device are 120 x 30 x 50 mm. The weight with the battery is at 180 g and the security of electricity Class is class II, type BF. The safety tests that has passed are the IEC 60601-1, IEC 60101-1-2.

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