Waterpik PP-100-E replacement Pik Pocket tips (2 pcs)

Waterpik PP-100-E replacement Pik Pocket tips (2 pcs)
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Waterpik® Pik Pocket tips PP 100-E, for periodontal pockets and seals with a rubber tip that cleans under the gums, compatible with WP-100/112/250/260/450/462/660/861/WF-02

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Waterpik® Pik Pocket tips PP-100-E are ideal for periodontal pockets and seals. They have a soft rubber tip that is designed for gentle and low-pressure therapeutic washes under the gums.

Waterpik® replacement tips PP-100-E have clinically proven access to 90% of a 6mm pocket.

Compatible with:

  • Waterpik® WP-100
  • Waterpik® WP-112
  • Waterpik® WP-250
  • Waterpik® WP-260
  • Waterpik® WP-450
  • Waterpik® WP-462
  • Waterpik® WP-660
  • Waterpik® WP-861
  • Waterpik® WF-02

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