Replacement tips & brushes

Replacement brush heads, tips, tongue cleaners, and general-purpose cleaning nozzles by Waterpik® ideal for removing teeth plaque, offering fresh breath and deep gum cleaning.

Waterpik® spare brushes penetrate hard-to-reach areas, are compatible with toothbrushes Waterpik® SR-3000 και Waterpik® WP-900, Waterpik® WP-940, Waterpik® WP-950 and spare nozzles compatible with water flossers Waterpik® WP-60, Waterpik® WP-70, Waterpik® WP-100, Waterpik® WP-112, Waterpik® WP-250, Waterpik® WP-260, Waterpik® WP-360, Waterpik® WP-450, Waterpik® WP-462, Waterpik® WP-660, Waterpik® WP-861 και Waterpik® WF-02.