Waterpik WP-260 water flosser for kids

Waterpik WP-260 Flosser For Kids
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The Waterpik® WP-260 water flosser for kids is the easy, more effective, and more fun way for kids to floss.

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The Waterpik® WP-260 water flosser for kids is the easy, more effective, and more fun way for kids to floss. The Waterpik® WP-260 water flosser for kids is a custom model for children ages 6+, with a small and simple design that makes water flossing easy. It's perfect for any kid who has braces or has trouble flossing.

The Waterpik® WP-260 Water Flosser For Kids features an extra safe, kid-proof electrical design, easy fingertip controls on the On/Off switch and the Pressure Control System, and a reservoir that can be used as a cover to keep the unit clean. The Waterpik® WP-260 water flosser for kids includes one Orthodontic Tip for braces and one Classic Jet Tip for general cleaning, and each unit has a two-year warranty.

Waterpik® WP-260 water flosser for kids is clinically proven to be more effective than traditional dental floss for reducing plaque, gingivitis, and gum disease. In conjunction with brushing, Water Flossers have been proven up to 3X as effective as dental floss and up to 5X as effective as brushing alone for cleaning around braces. And it includes 20 removable cling decals that are a fun way to personalize your Waterpik® WP-260 water flosser for kids.

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