Hot - Cold pads

The use of hot and cold pads is a popular method for relieving pain and tension in the muscles and joints. They are ideal when recovery from an injury is required, muscle pain occurs, or when relaxation of the affected area is needed. The pads can be heated in a microwave or hot water or frozen in a refrigerator or cold water. In addition, there are also self-heating patches.

Hot and cold pads are available in different sizes and shapes to cover every body part and need. Although both pads are used to reduce pain and inflammation, they work in different ways. More specifically, hot pads are commonly used to help relieve muscle pain as the heat increases blood circulation. Similarly, cold packs and ice packs are used to help reduce inflammation. 

Cold pads, ice, and ice water enhance the contraction of blood vessels, provide numbness to the area reduce the sensation of pain, reduce inflammation, and reduce swelling. Similarly, hot compresses, hot pads, or hot water increases blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles, relieves joint pain, and acts as a nervous system soother.

In our online store you can find hot and cold pads, designed for immediate relief and rejuvenation. 

Nexcare ColdHot spray 150ml
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Nexcare ColdHot spray by 3M that acts immediately and cools severe muscle injuries, bruises, fractures or sprains to relieve pain, suitable for athletes and active people
Sissel Hot-Cold compresses
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Hot-Cold Pack compresses by Sissel are ideal for home and therapy applications. Quick microwave or hot water heating. Keep in refrigerator for cool pack applications
Sissel Vinotherm hot pad
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Sissel Vinotherm hot pad is grape seed filled, tri-sectional design which makes it ideal for neck and shoulder treatment, offers relieve from muscular tension.