Hot - Cold pads

Hot/cold packs by Sissel and Chatannoga are used by athletes, doctors and physiohterapists to minimize swelling of injuries such as muscle and joint sprains.
The hot and cold packs can be heated in microwave oven or in hot water or cooled in refrigerator and cool water. Moreove, you can select self-cooled pads which are large pouch es containing a dry chemical, plus an inner pouch of water and are activated by breaking the seal on the pouch of water and shaking the pack vigorously. This action mixes the water with the chemical starting the exothermic or endothermic reaction. 
Sissel Vinotherm hot pad
Ships in 1-3 days
Sissel Vinotherm hot pad is grape seed filled, tri-sectional design which makes it ideal for neck and shoulder treatment, offers relieve from muscular tension.
Hot booties INN-061
Ships in 1-3 days
Natural hot booties with pain relieving properties due to heat and anti-stress effect due to lavanda scent. Heated in the oven for 30 seconds.
Sissel hot-cold pack
Ships in 1-3 days
Sissel pack compresses are ideal for home and therapy applications! Quick microwave or hot water heating for multiple applications.