Chattanooga ColPac cold pack 28cm x 36cm

Chattanooga ColPac cold pack delivers up to 30 minutes of soothing relief from acute pain, swelling and fever. It is available in 7 different sizes.

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When Chattanooga ColPac cold pack applied directly to the affected area, effectively relieves pain due to inflammation, swelling, multiple sclerosis, muscle strains, sprains and spasms.

Chattanooga ColPac cold pack can be used up to 30-minutes for continuous cold therapy on almost any part of the body including the heel, foot, neck, head, wrist, elbow, and ankle. Flexible and durable, the cold pack is Latex Free and filled with a non-toxic silica gel that remains pliable throughout treatment. Designed for repeat use, the cold pack is a must!

Chattanooga ColPac is available in 28cm x 36cm and 6 more different sizes of blue vinyl ensure effective cold therapy regardless of body area or shape:

  • 8cm x 28cm
  • 14cm x 19cm
  • 19cm x 28cm
  • Oversize 28cm x 53cm
  • Neck contour 58cm
  • Eye area
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