Holters are vital medical devices that can be used to monitor your heart activity. More specifically, it is an electrocardiograph used to continuously monitor your heart activity for a period of 24 hours or more. It is usually attached to the chest via an adhesive patch and can be worn under your regular clothes.

ECG Holters are an essential tool for diagnosing and treating heart disease, and their use has improved the effectiveness of medical treatment for many patients. They are commonly used to diagnose and monitor heart conditions such as arrhythmias, heart blockages, and congenital heart defects. They are also used to monitor the effectiveness of drugs used to treat heart disease. 

Holter monitors your heart rate every minute and records it, as well as recording your normal daily activities. The electrodes record your heart rate, while the belt and cables help keep the monitor in place. When the recording is finished, the Holter device is removed from your chest, the electrodes are removed and the monitor is connected to a computer. The data is then transferred to a database or software program for analysis.

Holters are divided into pressure and rhythm Holters, where the former record blood pressure for a period of usually 24 or 48 hours, and the latter record a complete electrocardiogram and any arrhythmias for a period of 24 to 96 hours. In addition, rhythm Holters are divided into 3 and 12-channel Holters for the diagnosis of heart diseases and disorders such as heart block, atrial fibrillation, and tachycardia.

SE-2012 ECG holter
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SE-2012 ECG holter is a 12-channel rhythm recorder manufactured by Edan Instruments, suitable for recording and displaying electrocardiographs.